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Times have changed, and many teachers, parents and students are quickly adapting to provide and receive instruction beyond the traditional four-walls classrooms.


Like never before, teachers, parents and students were in need to combine online platforms, websites, applications and social media in order to keep the learning process going.


Without interconnections and cross-curricular applications, core subjects like Reading and Math can easily become isolated islands of knowledge.

I decided to create ABC Drawings.com out of the need for an online, family oriented and easily accessible platform where I could safely send our students and families for interactive, cross-platforms and comprehensive art lessons and activities.



For parents and students, we strongly recommend using YouTube Kids » to safely browse and watch our tutorial videos on mobile devices or desktop.


Weekly family oriented art activities connecting reading, science, math, writing & social studies

Art can be the bridge that ties them together and prepares our students for life, connecting the dots through creativity. ABC Drawings.com provides art lessons and activities connecting reading, science, math, writing and social studies for the whole family to enjoy and participate. 


My final research paper in college was a comparative study of the works of Lowenfeld and Vigotsky. Two different perspectives that were at times very antagonic, but one thing always prevailed: in art, the process of creation is highly therapeutic and when properly guided, students can find in it many ways to grow, socialize, learn, develop and become better individuals. The lessons presented on ABC Drawings.com are in a way an homage to all the studies and research meant to put the arts first, as a getaway to a better, more inclusive and creative society.


At ABC Drawings.com we will make reading and writing fun by connecting drawing, coloring and painting with all the magic involved in character design and book illustration for children of all ages.


Using the latest Procreate® and digital technologies, ABC Drawings.com will broadcast digital drawing and painting sessions on YouTube » that can be easily translated into analogue art at home, in the classroom or in the studio. Subscribe »


Procreate® and many other digital technologies have turned out to be amazing tools for artists and art educators alike. Collaboration is key for successful teaching practices, so ABC Drawings.com will set up live video sessions on YouTube » meant to address digital art teaching strategies with educators from all over the world. Subscribe »


All art activities and lessons presented and developed on ABC Drawings.com are based on the most current Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Fine Arts (TEKS) from the TEXAS EDUCATION AGENCY (TEA) and our HISD lesson guides. Learn more »


At ABC Drawings.com we understand that students and families use a variety of online applications and social media to stay in touch and keep on learning. Our art activities will be posted weekly in many platforms at once. We also post activities on secured login applications like ClassDojo, etc.

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