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This is Maria's holiday card design. As the project required, she worked on a secular theme and focused on some of the visually known symbols for the season. The technique is crayon resist, a very well known painting procedure that also involves lots of drawing -- and practice! As you might know, watercolor is way more onerous to master than tempera, acrylic or oil painting. For instance, mistakes made while painting with oil paint can be always corrected once the base layer of linseed oil has dried out, a luxury you won't enjoy while using watercolor...the layer you just painted is there to stay and there is no way back, unless you destroy the layer transparency (essential to the concept of "watercolor").

Maria is in Mrs. Casares' 5th grade class and it was a pleasure to see her working so hard, constantly trying to perfect the outcome of her design. Drawing and painting on such little space (half an 81/2x11 sheet of paper) can be bothersome, but she managed to stay focused and the result speaks for itself. Congrats, Maria!

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