How to Draw a Great White Shark Step-by-Step from Sketch to the Finished Artwork »

Sharks are so much fun to draw! In this voiced art video tutorial lesson we will be able to draw a great white shark from the sketching phase all the way to the final artwork.


Grab a pencil and place a piece of paper in the landscape position. Next, trace a long curved line almost side to side.


You artwork will be better when you sketch! When we sketch and trace clear, easy erasable guidelines we set a very good foundation for the our artwork. So sketch away and add the lines that will help you put together a drawing about this magnificent sea creature.

Summer time is here and it's definitively one of my favorite seasons of the year. We all get to spend more time outdoors and maybe head out to the beach to take a cool, refreshing dive in the ocean. Safety first! Be on the lookout for marine live and mainly sharks; remember we are taking a splash at their habitat, at their house. 

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